For the science of real life We celebrate the vast power of science and its capacity to make the world cleaner, healthier and safer for people everywhere. OUR STORY


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Our Portfolio of products

Antylia Scientific is made up of a diverse family of premium brands that share a common goal: to support their customer’s pursuit of scientific discovery and sustainable solutions


The amazing impact of science

In Laboratories around the world, our customers prove every day that science holds the key to purposeful transformation.

Easing the pain of chronic illnesses

Improving Lives through breakthrough advancements in biologic research

Biologic drugs, or biopharmaceuticals, are revolutionizing the treatment of many serious chronic illnesses

Biologic […]

Confidence in clean water

Curbing a crisis to help thousands of lives in Flint, Michigan

Early 2016 threatened Flint, Michigan with a massive public health crisis—lead-contaminated […]

Protecting our children

Keeping vaccines safe with innovation in cold chain monitoring.

Research labs often run 24/7 and the demands placed on technicians and scientists never […]

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